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Master Plans – Helping to budget your life safety costs.

Installing a Fire Protection System in your existing building is the best option you can do to protect your people, property and products in the event of a fire. But where do you start? Oliver Fire Protection & Security can develop Master Plans to help you assemble what is involved with having your building retrofitted with a fire protection system.

A Master plan provides an owner an assessment of the costs and details associated with the installation of life safety systems. With the information we provide, you can begin to prepare a budget and develop a schedule with a phased process. It will help in determining the scope of work as well as the best practices for installing fire sprinkler and fire alarm systems within your existing facility.

We can provide a detailed master plan for ANY type of building to help get you started.

  • Hospital
  • Nursing/assisted living facility
  • Commercial building
  • Residential building
  • Industrial facility
  • Educational campuses
  • Student housing

From concept to closeout, our salespeople will lay out detailed specifications and the most efficient approaches to your fire protection installation.

What are Master Plans and how can they help?

Oliver’s master plans provide owners a comprehensive analysis and recommendations for installing a 100% economical and code compliant fire protection system within your existing building(s). Our teams will arrive on-site to perform an analysis of your building(s) and assess the size, shape, interior layout and construction types. We will then identify the occupancies, hazard types, strategies for installation and determine the best and most practical approaches to custom fit each building with a new life safety system.

We include:

  • Overview of building occupancy, structure and layout
  • Descriptions of Fire Protection requirements
  • Cost Analysis for installation and fabrication
  • Scope of work
  • Phased planning and timeframes
  • Specifications of materials
  • Insurance underwriter recommendations
  • Permitting Requirements
  • Pre-Engineered Drawings

Every building’s plan is unique

Building a Master Plans

Whether your buildings currently do not have any fire protection systems installed or if only a partial system is installed, no problem. Our teams will determine the most practical tie-in points or new service locations that will provide you adequate resources to supply your new systems. We will assess the electrical loads needed on your panels for a fire alarm system, and the incoming water supply needed to provide the proper amount of water pressure and flow for your fire sprinkler systems.

Additional Information Provided in our Master Plans:

  • Water Supply and Pressures available
  • Location of new supply lines needed
  • Tie-in locations into existing supplies
  • Any need for Fire Pumps Installation
  • Backflow Prevention device requirements
  • Proper drainage of fire systems
  • # of devices, equipment and material needed
  • Debris removal and cleanup processes
  • Planned system zoning
  • Type of Sprinkler pipe, fittings, valves, hangers and sprinklers to be installed
  • Types of Fire Alarm Panels, detectors, annunciators, manual pull stations and audible devices to be installed
  • Programming and integration capabilities
  • ICRA requirements
  • PE/NICET requirements
  • Permitting at the local and state level
  • UL Listing Documentation
Master Plans Fire Sprinkler Protection Risers

Fire Protection Systems are life saving tools that are worth the investment to protect your people, products and property. Oliver’s Master Plans will help you to clearly identify these processes, requirements and overall needs to installing your fire protection systems. We prepare the essential information for you to begin your budgeting and scheduling processes. The costs are soon returned with incentives from your insurance company and tax benefits. They also offer the peace of mind from your customers, tenants and staff that they are protected from the events of an unexpected fire. Let us help you prepare your fire protection install with a Master Plan today.

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