Multisensor security dome camera

Benefits of Multi-sensor Cameras

Article by Steve Noseworthy – Security Systems Specialist IP Camera systems give you the flexibility to easy expand and add additional cameras to your video surveillance system. Unlike analog camera systems, network cameras do not have to be wired all the way back to the recorder eliminating costly long wire runs. Another advantage of IP […]

Fire Alarm connectivity

New fire alarm system connectivity and self-testing detector technology

 Article by Mark Tomasello – Fire Alarm Sales Manager Exciting new fire alarm system connectivity and self-testing detector technologies are now available, providing building owners and maintenance personnel with reduced service response times and maintenance costs. Software tools and cloud connectivity of fire alarm systems gives users the ability to receive real time system status […]

Fire Fighter Cancer Awareness

January is Fire Fighter Cancer Awareness Month

Article by Dale Grant – Digital Media & Marketing Guru 469 names were added to the International Association of Fire Fighters’ Fallen Fire Fighter Memorial. Of those 469 men and women, 348 (nearly 75 percent) were members who had passed from occupational cancer. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the International Association of Fire […]

smoke alarm

Residential Fire Alarm Detection

Article by Dan Robinson – Expert in Advanced Fire Alarm Installations       Early detection of smoke and carbon monoxide saves lives. In a residential environment, I would argue that smoke and carbon monoxide detection and notification are the most important factors in saving lives. In the event of a fire or an appliance malfunction, properly […]