The Importance of Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Emergency and Exit Signs

Article by Stephen Morshead – Inspections Specialist In moments of crisis, whether it’s a fire, power outage, or other emergencies, clear and functional exit signs can mean the difference between life and death. These signs guide occupants to safety, aiding in the swift evacuation of a building. However, their effectiveness relies heavily on regular inspection, […]

Fireworks Safety: A Deeper Look into Fire Protection Standards

Fireworks have long been a staple of our celebrations, lighting up fairs, festivals, sporting events, and especially Independence Day. However, the “fire” in fireworks raises an important question: What fire protection standards are in place for the manufacturing, storage, and transportation of these explosive items? To answer this, we turn to NFPA 1124, the key set of guidelines ensuring safety in all aspects of fireworks handling.