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Fireworks Safety: A Deeper Look into Fire Protection Standards

Fireworks have long been a staple of our celebrations, lighting up fairs, festivals, sporting events, and especially Independence Day. However, the “fire” in fireworks raises an important question: What fire protection standards are in place for the manufacturing, storage, and transportation of these explosive items? To answer this, we turn to NFPA 1124, the key set of guidelines ensuring safety in all aspects of fireworks handling.

Hard Hats to Safety Helmets: Evolution of Head Protection

While they share similarities, the modern safety helmet has a myriad of benefits over its predecessor. From a design and functional standpoint, safety helmets are designed for activities prone to head injuries such as biking or mountain climbing. When translated to the jobsite, these are the perfect protection for working at heights when on a ladder or working at heights.

Leadership and Teamwork Driving Oliver Fire Protection & Security

Our leadership team is comprised of seasoned professionals across sales, service, and operations, each with distinct responsibilities vital to our success. They are not only accountable for staffing and training their departments but also oversee the holistic view of every project under their jurisdiction. Their expertise in developing strategies not only ensures that we meet but exceed all departmental goals, driving our company towards unparalleled excellence.

Deluge Fire Suppression Systems

Deluge systems are typically utilized in high hazard environments such as power plants, chemical plants and aircraft hangars. Such high hazard environments typically have low flash point flammable and/or combustible liquids present, and a fire can spread rapidly.