Reason to Install Fire Protection

Not having a fire protection system could cost more than just money.

We are pleased to announce that Richard E. Oliver will be inducted into the NFSA (National Fire Sprinkler Association) Hall of Fame Class of 2021. Accepting the distinguished honor, Dick will become the third Oliver to be named into this elite group of industry influencers joining his brother Bill Oliver, who was honored in 2011 […]

Oliver Fire Protection & Security has received its UL Listing for their Fire Alarm Services. Congratulations!!… So what exactly is UL and what does that mean for our customers? THE ALARM CERTIFICATE SERVICES PROGRAMUnderwriter Laboratories describes their Alarm Certificate Service Program as “setting the industry standard for over 120 years. The program provides a level of confidence for owners, service […]

Fire Alarms & Fire Prevention Systems

Your business’s fire protection system is one of the most valuable assets your company has in saving lives, protecting property and sparing your products. These systems were specifically designed to custom fit your type, size and shape property. And although these systems sit idly by, they must be maintained, inspected and tested to ensure that […]

FOAM SYSTEMS Special hazard fire suppression systems can provide highly effective and reliableprotection when water-based systems are just not enough. Whether it be industrial,military, commercial, pharmaceutical, data centers, highly flammable materialsor protection of priceless commodities, a special hazard fire protection may beyour alternative solution to protecting your assets. These systems require precision, specialized understanding and […]