Smoke detectors are a key piece of technology in both commercial fire prevention and safety systems as well as residential.

In 1996, NFPA 13 began to require quick response fire sprinkler heads as opposed to standard response in many newly systems. But what is the difference?

Article by Will Gregory – Fire Alarm Specialist In the ever-changing world of the fire alarm industry, our focus often gravitates towards carefully ensuring we meet the most stringent requirements laid out by the IBC (International Building Code) and the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association Code). We carefully review building drawings and design systems meticulously […]

Deluge systems are typically utilized in high hazard environments such as power plants, chemical plants and aircraft hangars. Such high hazard environments typically have low flash point flammable and/or combustible liquids present, and a fire can spread rapidly.

a line-type detector, which is a device in which detection is continuous along a path. There are multiple forms of line-type detection, some of which are projected beam smoke detectors and heat sensitive cable.

Article by Jim Harrigan – Fire Alarm & Security Operations Manager We at Oliver Fire Protection are constantly looking for ways to utilize new technology offered by our partners in the industry to improve our customer experience. One area that we strive to strengthen is the ability for our customers to be informed of activity […]

A comprehensive fire protection and security system provides vital protection for your business, employees, and assets.

One Meridian Fire

In the late hours of Saturday, February 23, 1991, a fire ignited on the 22nd floor of One Meridian Plaza, a 38-story office building situated in downtown Philadelphia. This massive blaze, escalated to a 12-alarm fire, ravaged 8 floors of the Center City office structure, spanning a harrowing 19-hour period. Tragically, three brave Philadelphia Firefighters lost their lives in the line of duty during this catastrophic event.

While it may seem improbable for a crime to occur at a Police Station given the constant presence of Law Enforcement, Police Stations are not immune to security threats and the need for a modern security system. 

At Oliver Fire Protection and Security, safeguarding our customers and their property is at the forefront of our mission. To further fortify this commitment, our Security Department is excited to announce our Construction Site Protection Program.

Article by Derek Hegyi – Sales Manager Fire Alarm Service Fire alarm monitoring is a critical aspect of fire safety that often goes unnoticed or overlooked. However, it plays a crucial role in protecting lives and property by ensuring that fire emergencies are detected and responded to promptly. What is Fire Alarm Monitoring? Fire alarm […]

A partnership between a client and a fire alarm service provider is crucial for ensuring the safety of the client’s property and its occupants. A properly designed and serviced fire alarm system is essential for keeping employees and assets safe. Early detection of smoke or fire will allow the building and its occupants to react accordingly and potentially save lives. All businesses, regardless of their size, should be equipped with an up-to-date fire alarm system designed for the safety of all occupants.