Article by Steve Noseworthy Basic goals of Business Owners and Executives are to drive their companies in the most optimal direction to increase profits and efficiencies. While these tasks may take up most of their daily focus, security is sometimes treated as an afterthought. Instead of taking a reactionary approach to security and safety, businesses […]

Article by: Isaiah Lewis-Harris From keeping people out of restricted areas to helping keep track of who enters and exits from a certain area in a building, access control can help take a buildings security to the next level. What is Access Control? “Access control is a security technique that regulates who [or even what] […]

Our Excellence Committees take time away from the daily work schedule at the beautiful The Inn at Villanova University. It is here we collaborate on aligning and fine tuning the road ahead of us. Led by the best [and very humorous] business leader Doug McCann. Doug helps us guide the way to greatness by keeping […]

escape plan

No time to plan when the fire is already here When a person encounters an emergency, they go into an automated response fight or flight mode.  There is no time to think, only time to react. If you have not developed and practiced a plan of action on how to escape in the case of […]

Remote Monitoring Temperatures

Article By Ted Scholl Don’t let a broken refrigeration unit send chills down to your wallet. Foodservice facilities hold a vast responsibility in food safety handling and many foodborne illnesses can be launched by poor safe food handling. The best safety is preventative safety and refrigeration monitoring is the first step in a proper good […]

Sounds of Security

Article by Gary Snyder While video surveillance and access control are often seen as the work horses of your security systems, they leave a gap in situational awareness that is best filled through the inclusion of audio monitoring. Sound provides crucial evidence, not only capturing information about security events but also about the motives behind […]