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5th year internal clogged pipe inspection

The Importance of 5th year Sprinkler Inspections

Article by Jerry Amodei – Sprinkler Service Specialist

According to NFPA 25, a thorough assessment of the internal piping condition should occur every five years or as outlined in This assessment aims to detect foreign organic or inorganic materials that could compromise the system’s functionality.

There is an inspector test valve installed at the most remote part of the dry system that acts as a simulation of a sprinkler head. During the fifth-year internal inspection, one inspector stands at the dry valve while another inspector is at the inspector test valve. The time it takes for water to flow from the dry valve to the test valve is documented, recorded, and compared to previous inspections. If it is found during this testing that the inspector test valve is clogged, a deficiency is then created and relayed back to the office of the sprinkler contractor.

A full flush of the dry system is then recommended to the property manager or owner of the building. This requires the property manager or owner to meet on-site to count the number of branch lines and mains to get an idea of how long it will take to perform the repairs. Flushing connections are installed by licensed sprinkler technicians, and the branch lines and mains are pre-soaked for approximately 24 hours to loosen any debris within the piping. The designated branch lines, mains, and the inspector test valve for each system are then flushed. A reexamination of the pipe is conducted once the flushing has been completed. If the system continues to contain any foreign material, further action must be taken.

Fifth-year sprinkler inspections are a mandatory requirement. The foreign material that can be found within the sprinkler piping is known as MIC (microbiologically influenced corrosion), which can impede water flow to the sprinkler heads, potentially endangering building occupants during a fire incident. This proactive maintenance approach is essential for safeguarding life and property against fire-related risks.

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