Business Security Alarms

Oliver Leads in Our Industry for Business Security

Small Business Office to High Rise Commercial Security

Oliver provides customers with powerful security alarm system solutions to meet any intrusion prevention needs. From small office systems to high rise commercial security and restricted access systems, Oliver can deliver the solution.

Commercial alarm security systems ensure the protection of valuable materials while also providing peace of mind to the building owner that their property, employees, and belongings are safe and secure.

CCTV Camera Security System

UL Listed Central station via the following means:

  • Traditional telephone lines (POTS lines)
  • Ethernet – using the existing IT infrastructure
  • Single door and keypad access security solutions
  • Cellular – monitor their systems without the vulnerability of phone lines. This is a powerful and cost-effective solution that many Oliver customers are choosing.
  • Integration with your other security systems including video, access and monitoring

The protections provided by an alarm system are not limited to what is inside of a building. Alarm systems can also monitor for perimeter intrusion and notify building owners when the surrounding area is breached by an unauthorized person or burglar.

Together with a broad product offering and the depth of our experience makes Oliver one of the top alarm installers in the country.

Monitored by Our UL Listed Central Station

Security guards monitoring modern CCTV cameras indoors

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