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Monitoring Remote Security System

Securing Construction Sites: Introducing Oliver’s Advanced Security Solutions

Article by John Green – Security Integration Specialist

Recent data trends reveal a disturbing increase in theft and vandalism on construction sites, costing contractors upwards of 500 million dollars annually and underscoring the pressing need for advanced security measures.

At Oliver Fire Protection and Security, safeguarding our customers and their property is at the forefront of our mission. To further fortify this commitment, our Security Department is excited to announce our Construction Site Protection Program. This program leverages a cutting-edge video-monitoring system equipped with AI cameras, designed to not only enhance security while at the same time limiting false alarms.

Every work site is different.  Our dedicated Integrated Sales Representatives are ready to work with our clients to create a comprehensive strategic system that aligns with the specific security concerns of each construction project.

The constant vigilance of our AI-powered cameras sets them apart from traditional security measures. Unlike human guards, these cameras never sleep, take breaks, or succumb to distractions, ensuring round-the-clock protection for your construction site. Priced at approximately $10.00 per hour based on a 12-hour daily protection plan, our video-monitored system provides reliable security at an exceptional value. In stark contrast to traditional guard services, which can start at $35.00 per hour, Oliver’s innovative solution offers substantial savings without compromising on the quality of protection.

The implementation of our Construction Site Protection Program marks a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to staying ahead of emerging security challenges. Oliver Fire Protection and Security remains dedicated to exploring new avenues and technologies to ensure the safety and well-being of our valued clients.

As the construction industry continues to evolve, our team stands ready to adapt and provide unparalleled security solutions that make a lasting impact. Contact Oliver Fire Protection and Security to speak with our Security Integration Specialists to schedule a FREE Consultation.

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