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Why a Residential Security Camera System Is Not Right for Businesses

When a business and homeowner are evaluating security camera systems, their needs are very different. Dealing with the public is very different than a home environment, and depending on the type of business, has very specific and different needs for safe and effective day-to-day operation. Following are key differences between residential and commercial security camera […]

Business Security Tips and Best Practices for the Holiday Season

With COVID surging and the Holidays approaching, many businesses will be closed and unoccupied for an extended period of time. Unfortunately, that can prove to be opportunistic for those with bad intentions. Following these security tips and best practices can help to keep your business safe and secure during the holiday season. Review your company […]

Reopening Your Business with Safety

Reopening Your Business with Safety

Creating a safe environment is at the top of everyone’s mind as we prepare to re-open and re-occupy facilities in a post-pandemic new normal. What measures can be taken to protect those going back to work? To that end, Oliver Fire Protection & Security has been researching new products and technology to help ensure the […]


Ensuring A Safe & Healthy Workplace

Technology can play an important role in securing your business or facility against COVID-19. As an essential services provider, Oliver Fire Protection & Security can provide you the security and life safety solutions to ensure that these facilities and the women and men working in them on a daily basis are safe and secure. Oliver […]


Oliver receives distinction with Family Owned Business Awards

Yesterday Oliver Fire Protection and Security received the 2019 Family Owned Business Award. There were over 100 nominees with only 40 companies chosen. Oliver received the award in the Large Family Business category. Bill and Dick Oliver attended the ceremony at the Ballroom at the Ben in Philadelphia where Bill Oliver received the award on […]