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Security guards monitoring modern CCTV cameras indoors

The Importance of Security Systems

Article by Nicola Plasko – Security Sales Specialist – The need for commercial security systems is more prevalent than ever. The increased need for precautions such as access control, video surveillance, and intrusion detection not only protect your investment but, most importantly, they protect yourself and the people in your employ. While mandatory Fire Protection […]

Fingerprint scanner lock door security

Fingerprint Access Controls

Article by Dale Grant – Digital Marketing & Media Guru Multifamily residences present a unique set of circumstances and challenges for building owners. Among those, the most fundamental is “how do I ensure access to staff, the residents and their guests while at the same time keeping unauthorized individuals from accessing the property?” While traditional […]

Multisensor security dome camera

Benefits of Multi-sensor Cameras

Article by Steve Noseworthy – Security Systems Specialist IP Camera systems give you the flexibility to easy expand and add additional cameras to your video surveillance system. Unlike analog camera systems, network cameras do not have to be wired all the way back to the recorder eliminating costly long wire runs. Another advantage of IP […]