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Fire Alarm connectivity

New fire alarm system connectivity and self-testing detector technology

 Article by Mark Tomasello – Fire Alarm Sales Manager Exciting new fire alarm system connectivity and self-testing detector technologies are now available, providing building owners and maintenance personnel with reduced service response times and maintenance costs. Software tools and cloud connectivity of fire alarm systems gives users the ability to receive real time system status […]

smoke alarm

Residential Fire Alarm Detection

Article by Dan Robinson – Expert in Advanced Fire Alarm Installations       Early detection of smoke and carbon monoxide saves lives. In a residential environment, I would argue that smoke and carbon monoxide detection and notification are the most important factors in saving lives. In the event of a fire or an appliance malfunction, properly […]

loud sounds

Occupant Notification in Challenging Environments

Article by Matt Karver Property owners understand that fire alarm systems are a routine cost when building, maintaining, or renovating a structure.  In most cases, a fire alarm system notifies occupants in an office space, classroom, apartment, or other confined area with a relatively low ambient noise level.  These spaces do not require specialized equipment […]

Smoke alarms

Low Frequency Fire and Smoke Alarms

Article by Bob Taylor The optimal sound and sound level for fire and smoke alarms has long been debated. The hope is that the right sound will be recognizable by building occupants and evoke the immediate desired response of evacuation. Beginning July 1, 1996, NFPA 72, National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code required that the […]