November 06 2023 0Comment

Putting Security First: Oliver Security & Fire Protection

Article by Dale Grant – Marketing Specialist

For over 65 years, Oliver Fire Protection & Security has stood as the community’s unwavering Trusted Partner in Protection, specializing in both Fire suppression and Notification. During this time, we have also become the area’s Trusted Partner for Security Protection as well. 

This November, from the 6th through the 11th, Oliver is Putting Security First to highlight our outstanding Security team and the amazing technology our partners are using to keep your business safe. 

Here, we present a glimpse of the wide array of Security Solutions that Oliver Security & Fire Protection offers:

Access Control and Visitor Management

Embracing the latest technology in Access Control and Visitor Management, Oliver Security & Fire Protection grants your workforce and visitors access only to the areas they are authorized to enter, securing your facility while maintaining a meticulous log of everyone entering your premises and sending notifications of unauthorized access or doors being propped open. This not only bolsters safety but also enhances security measures.

Video Surveillance

The days of grainy, out-of-focus black and white CCTV footage are long gone. Modern video surveillance technology has ushered in high-resolution images that are as clear as day. Artificial Intelligence is transforming video surveillance by being proactive in identifying people, vehicles, and objects, detecting anomalous behavior patterns, face recognition and traffic flow, offering customers greater functionality and accuracy, and better situational awareness without having to be glued to monitors.

Cloud-Based Access and Video

When configured as a cloud-based system, your access control and surveillance system and data is not only securely stored and encrypted to thwart cyber threats, but the systems’ software and features are always up-to-date and managed remotely, providing convenience and peace of mind.

Intrusion Detection

With our round-the-clock U/L Certified Central Station Monitoring and state-of-the-art intrusion detection systems, unauthorized entries into your facility trigger immediate alerts, ensuring that you, and more crucially, the authorities, are promptly informed, thus enhancing the security of your premises.

Integration into Legacy Systems

Technology evolves rapidly, often in incremental steps. Oliver specializes in seamlessly integrating the latest technologies into your existing security infrastructure, allowing you to upgrade specific components without the need to rebuild your entire system. This approach saves both time and resources while keeping your security system up-to-date.

Industry Expertise

Perhaps most significantly, Oliver Security and Fire Protection provides a dedicated team of Security Specialists who collaborate with you to design a customized security system tailored to the unique needs of your business and provide ongoing support as your business needs evolve. Our experts are here to offer a FREE Consultation, guiding you through the process of securing your business effectively and efficiently.

While Oliver Security and Fire Protection will revert to our original name and logo at the end of the week, one thing will not change. We will continue to remain committed to being your unwavering partner for Security Protection, ensuring that your safety and security needs are met with the latest innovations and a team of experts who are dedicated to your peace of mind. 

Contact our team of Security Specialists for a FREE Consultation, and let’s work together to create the perfect customized security solution.