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Oliver Fire Protection & Security receives UL Listing for Alarm Services

Oliver Fire Protection & Security has received its UL Listing for their Fire Alarm Services. Congratulations!!… So what exactly is UL and what does that mean for our customers?

Underwriter Laboratories describes their Alarm Certificate Service Program as “setting the industry standard for over 120 years. The program provides a level of confidence for owners, service providers, stakeholders, and code authorities by verifying compliance to specific industry standards. UL currently offers Certification Services for alarm companies adhering to the following standards: UL 681, UL 827, UL 2050, and NFPA 72.

In an interview with Greg Breyer, who lead the effort in attaining the certification stated, “Oliver needed to demonstrate [to UL] that all facets of our operation met the UL Standards and applicable code compliance. This is done via phone conference, submission of documentation, multiple day review in the office, and then site visits to evaluate jobs by the FA Vendor. It is a very intense and in-depth process that takes a lot of time, effort and dedication from the whole team. It is truly a testament to the quality of work Oliver Fire Protection & Security provides. This achievement certainly raise the bar of our service and products when a well-respected independent organization such as UL validates our capabilities. I believe it also challenges us to continue to push ourselves and strive for continued betterment of our processes.”

Greg went on to tell us, “Our evaluation and approval applies to all of our fire alarm work; including, but not limited to, Design, Parts & Technical Support / Turnkey Installation, Service/Maintenance/Inspection, Runner Service, Monitoring Services, and Record Keeping & Reporting. We are able to issue Certificates of Compliance and accompany the ROC, initially, and then annually on behalf of UL for our FA Jobs.

Engineer checking industrial generator fire control system

What does it mean for our customers?  
Ultimately it means more CONFIDENCE and TRUST that as your Full Service Fire Alarm Provider, Oliver delivers quality services and trusted products to you.  It takes a lengthy and intense certification & review process to be able to receive a UL Listing. A company must meet or exceed a certain level of standards and quality in order to attain the label.  It is peace of mind for the customer to know that, with Oliver Fire Protection & Security as your contractor on site, the work will be done properly by a qualified and trustworthy company.

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