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Partnering with ServiceTrade for better fire protection and security customer service

Introducing  Service Trade

Article By Dale Grant – Digital Marketing and Media Guru Oliver Fire Protection & Security is excited to announce that we will be teaming up with ServiceTrade to enhance your user experience.  Founded in 2012, Service Trade provides mobile applications and software to streamline the customer service process.  This means you will receive greater access, in-depth […]

Podcast Oliver Fire Protection & Security

Podcast: Constructing Greatness

Nicholas Ofak, Sr., host of the Podcast Constructing Greatness, spoke with our own David Oliver about how he got his start in the life safety and security industry. Within the conversation, they touch upon the culture and business of Oliver Fire Protection & Security as well as some of the lessons Dave has learned along the way about the fire […]

What are Unified Security Systems

Article by Steve Noseworthy Basic goals of Business Owners and Executives are to drive their companies in the most optimal direction to increase profits and efficiencies. While these tasks may take up most of their daily focus, security is sometimes treated as an afterthought. Instead of taking a reactionary approach to security and safety, businesses […]

Continuing to Carve the Path of Excellence

Our Excellence Committees take time away from the daily work schedule at the beautiful The Inn at Villanova University. It is here we collaborate on aligning and fine tuning the road ahead of us. Led by the best [and very humorous] business leader Doug McCann. Doug helps us guide the way to greatness by keeping […]