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Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance Agreements

Curing the Headaches and Heartaches of Costly Repairs

Article by Jeff Pursell

Life safety systems, such as fire alarms, are always hard at work behind the scenes, protecting life and property. They are also often a forgotten, yet invaluable asset. Although your fire alarm system may just be a machine, after working 24/7 365, they begin to wear out, just as anything else does over time. That’s is why it is so important to conduct routine annual maintenance to verify that your initial investment is still working at its optimum efficiency.

As a Building owner, business owner, or property manager, you have the tedious task of ensuring that your tenants, customers, and employees are satisfied, but most importantly, that they are safe. It can be all too easy to become preoccupied with all of the other priorities that go into running a great business. So the questions must be asked; how confident are you that your fire alarm system is functioning properly? Do you have the time to worry about it? Do you have the right precautions in place to have it repaired and back in operation quickly?

Fire Alarms & Fire Prevention Systems

There is no crystal ball that will tell you when you have a problem with your fire alarm system. But there is a service that can be the next best thing. A Preventative Maintenance Agreement! A PMA agreement allows you to take that worry and stress away from having to devote your time into figuring out how to solve an emergency, by always having a fire protection company (such as OliverFPS) come in and conduct routine testing, inspections, and maintenance of your fire alarm system. Preventative maintenance agreements are designed to identify issues via routine inspections, increasing the ability to quickly and efficiently make any necessary repairs before they become a more costly emergency event.

As a Building owner, business owner, or property manager, operating within the constraints of your budget is often a key focal point of your daily operations. Nobody likes surprises, especially when they are coupled with additional costs. When you enter a preventative maintenance agreement, virtually all your costs are pre-determined, and are explained to you within the body of the contract. While a preventative maintenance agreement may seem like an unnecessary service to some people, it can in fact save you money over the life of the contract offering other potential savings incentives such as:

• Insurance rate discounts
• Reduction in service calls costs
• Lowers (or even eliminated) charges for premium services
• Reduced overtime and off-hours emergency service charges
• Discount on replacement parts

Performing routine preventative maintenance on your fire alarm system can increase its life span dramatically. Fire alarm system installations (even a small one) can easily exceed $4,000.00. With the cost of material increasing daily, why run the risk have having to reinvest thousands of dollars every 5-10 years, instead of investing the same amount over 20-25 years to keep your initial investment operating at its peak efficiency.

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Completely Customizable to Fit Every Budget

Oliver Fire Protection & Security offers tailor-made preventative maintenance agreements that fit the needs of your fire alarm system, while fitting a budget that works for you. We offer 3 tiered coverage options that range from full system parts and labor coverage, down to our standard battery only coverage option. We also offer pre-billed discounted labor hours to help save you money if we are frequently providing services calls to your property. Agreements can be offered in 1 year,2 year, 3 year and in some instances 5 year term lengths. Billing can also be customized in a variety of different ways to work with your style business plan.

To learn more about how OliverFPS can help better protect your property through PMAs call (610)277-1331 and ask to speak to our PMA representative. Or simply email us at: Sales@oliverfps.com