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Partnering with ServiceTrade for better fire protection and security customer service

Introducing  Service Trade

Article By Dale Grant – Digital Marketing and Media Guru

Oliver Fire Protection & Security is excited to announce that we will be teaming up with ServiceTrade to enhance your user experience. 

Founded in 2012, Service Trade provides mobile applications and software to streamline the customer service process. 

This means you will receive greater access, in-depth analysis and insight into the inspections process as well as increased convenience when it comes to scheduling your appointments.  

With your ServiceTrade login, you will easily be able to track your scheduled inspection progress. The application will provide a photo of the technician so you will know exactly who to expect and when they will arrive. In addition, you will also receive notification of regularly scheduled inspections to ensure our member’s systems are always operating at peak performance, ensuring your buildings will always be in compliance. 

ServiceTrade will also provide you with unparalleled access to all of your inspections and service reports. During an inspection visit, the technician will produce a detailed report containing photographs, video and audio notes. Should the need for any repairs arise during the course of inspection, Oliver’s report will include an eQuote, featuring detailed documentation, empowering decision makers to correct any issues as soon as possible. 

ServiceTrade also includes 24/7 access to service reports. This will provide you with detailed and easily accessible records for review at your convenience.  

For over 65 Years, Oliver Fire Protection & Security has been committed to providing outstanding customer service. And we will continue to seek out the best ways to enhance that experience, ensuring your expectations are not only met, but exceeded at every turn.

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