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Sounds of Security

The Sound of Security

Article by Gary Snyder While video surveillance and access control are often seen as the work horses of your security systems, they leave a gap in situational awareness that is best filled through the inclusion of audio monitoring. Sound provides crucial evidence, not only capturing information about security events but also about the motives behind […]

Access Control

Access Control Trends on The Rise

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we view and use Access Control, accelerating the adoption of new technologies. In addition to securing and controlling access to and within premises, access control is now being used to help control the spread of COVID-19 through innovative Cloud and mobile solutions. Following are some key trends to keep […]

Oliver Fire Protection & Security receives UL Listing for Alarm Services

Oliver Fire Protection & Security has received its UL Listing for their Fire Alarm Services. Congratulations!!… So what exactly is UL and what does that mean for our customers? THE ALARM CERTIFICATE SERVICES PROGRAMUnderwriter Laboratories describes their Alarm Certificate Service Program as “setting the industry standard for over 120 years. The program provides a level of confidence for owners, service […]