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Safety in Buildings Butterfly MX

Using Technology and ButterflyMX to Keep Buildings Safe

Property managers and owners are responsible for providing a secure environment to keep residents, tenants, customers, and employees safe.

Many methods for securing a facility can be intrusive and disruptive, however, this does not mean managers and owners are helpless. In fact, security technology and ButterfyMX can create a property that is not only safer but enhances residents and commercial tenants’ living and business experience.

Remote Acess from Anywhere
Remote access controls directly from your phone or tablet.

Smart locks

The idea behind a smart lock is simple: a resident or commercial tenant can open a door via an app on their smartphone. Smart locks are not only convenient but also safer than traditional locks because they eliminate physical keys that can be shared, lost, or copied.

The technology can be used to grant access to the entire building or to individual units. If a tenant wants to grant a visitor, courier, or delivery, one-time access, they can simply send them an access code through a mobile app. It’s a simple solution that immediately creates a higher level of safety and convenience through controlled access.

ButterflyMX’s touchscreen can also be programmed with a soft button to call staff to facilitate remote access to the building. This feature can be set up to call a tenant, property manager, leasing manager, etc., even if the staff is off-premises — allowing you to communicate with and grant access to service providers or other visitors.

Elevators can also be unlocked by both touchscreen hardware and a mobile app — creating a seamless building entry experience for tenants and visitors.

Card Access
Contactless Entry with Key Cards which can be granted or removed of access at anytime from remote platform.

Access Control/Contactless entry

Similar to what you may have seen in a hotel, tenants swipe a keycard to access the building, individual units, or common areas. These cards track who is coming and going in real time and make it easy to immediately restrict access or deactivate a keycard if it is lost. Many buildings combine keycard access with other forms of property technology for seamless access and end-to-end tracking throughout the building.

Residents and tenants can also open automatic doors or gates without touching anything. ‘Swipe-to-open’ in Butterfly’s mobile app allows them to open the door/gate for themselves or a guest. Siri- and Alexa-integrations allow them to use their voice to open the door/gate when their hands are full. Plus, Apple Watch app allows them to open the door/gate even if they’ve left their phone behind.

Video intercoms

Most buildings, especially in large cities, come equipped with intercom systems so visitors can buzz the person or business they are visiting to get access to the building. The problem with old systems is that they do not offer the added security of actually being able to see who is at the door.

Video intercoms transform a tenant’s smartphone into a video intercom. Residents or commercial tenants can get a live video stream of whomever is trying to gain access to their building or office and can even video chat with them.

ButterflyMX allows tenants to see and speak with visitors, guests, and service providers through live video while maintaining social distance using a mobile app on a smartphone or tablet, or front desk software on a desktop computer — allowing you to provide safe access to your building.

Delivery lockboxes

Package theft is a common problem in many buildings, especially those without a doorman or front desk to accept deliveries. Instead, packages often line the entryway and are at risk of being snatched by anyone who walks past.

Delivery lockboxes use keyless entry systems so that a delivery person can place the package in a safe box and the recipient can unlock the box via a passcode or smartphone when they get home. A number of large online retailers, including Jet and Amazon, have already launched lockboxes and are deploying the units in busy apartment buildings. Lockboxes also limit where delivery people can go in the building, which helps control the flow of guests and blocks potential thieves in the entryway.

Smart Locks

Remote management

ButterfyMX allows property managers to maintain control, even while you’re working remotely. Grant property access, add or remove tenants, and review entry logs from anywhere you have an internet connection — you can even manage more than one property all from a single mobile application or web-based dashboard.

Security is a top concern for many residents and commercial tenants, and new technology advancements and ButterfyMX offer solutions for the modern workplace and make it possible for landlords and property managers to stay on top of threats while creating a welcoming building.

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