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Benefits of Performing Life Safety Inspections

Article by Sean Brown – ITM and Service Sales Expert

Experiencing a fire in your workplace or home is a dangerous and sometimes deadly event that everyone can agree is best avoided through regular inspections, testing, and maintenance (ITM) of your life safety systems. But aside from the obvious responsibility we all have to keep our coworkers and families safe, what other benefits come as a result of following the ITM recommendations and requirements?

Lower System Maintenance Costs: As a direct result of regularly scheduled ITM, you can you can dramatically impact your life safety system maintenance costs. By inspecting your sprinkler systems BEFORE any indication of a deficiency, skilled technicians are able to locate and fix smaller issues before they lead to more expensive repairs (and potential property damage) in the future, while simultaneously pinpointing additional issues that may be occurring in other areas of the building. This proactive approach will prolong the life of your life safety systems and ensure that your building remains safe and secure while saving you money in the long run.

Reduce Safety Risks: Contrary to common belief, fire sprinklers are not designed to completely extinguish a fire. In fact, their sole purpose is to reduce the spread of a fire to other areas of your home, apartment building, or business. They are the first line of defense against smoke and fires, giving people more time to safely escape any imminent danger and follow the approved evacuation plan to safety. According to NFPA, it has been seen that 59% of incidents in which fire sprinklers failed to operate, the system had been shut off. This is the reason why Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of water-based fire protection systems is so crucial in our efforts to reduce safety risks on site.

Lower Insurance Premiums and Preventing Fines: Maintaining a fully functional, safe building is near the top of every insurance company’s wish. So much so that some insurance companies actually offer reduced premiums for clients who are getting their fire sprinkler systems inspected on a regular basis. List. But for those who do not maintain a regular inspection schedule, you may be subject to fines for noncompliance per the requirements of your local Authority Having Jurisdiction.

Conclusion: The number one reason why regular ITM on your fire sprinkler and fire alarm systems is so extremely important will always be life safety. But with these additional benefits, why wait until something goes wrong?

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