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Save Time, Money, and Aggravation with Maintenance Agreements

Article by Brennan O’Donnell

I’m sure you can picture it now – you just remembered that you have a visit with the Fire Marshal coming up and you either forgot that you are past due for inspections, or still have outstanding system deficiencies from a recent inspection. Most everyone can think back to a time or situation where there was an unexpected expense or a previously unforeseen obstacle, and no one knows this better than Business owners.

Time and time again businesses are faced with a similar situation to the one above and then are left with X number of days to bring their fire protection systems up to code or face potential penalties. With the chaotic day-to-day operations of running a business, it can be easy to lose track of when you may be past due for fire protection inspections or any potential service-related needs you may have for your system. Having a trusted partner to rely on can save you time and save you aggravation.

Preventive Maintenance

Today, many fire protection companies offer some form of service agreement or preventative maintenance agreement (PMA) to help businesses stay on top of system inspections and help them budget for potential service needs throughout the year. These agreements can be fully customizable to meet your businesses’ specific needs, and can include and wide variety of coverage. Whether you just want a service agreement for battery coverage and yearly inspections, or a PMA with full labor and parts replacement coverage. These agreements can save you money as well as headaches down the road.

Service agreements and PMA’s allow you to stay in front of any potential issues related to your fire protection and life safety systems, and can even help you budget with the option of pre-billed labor hours. So, no more last-minute panic and scrambling. Build a custom agreement to help prepare for the unexpected and let Oliver help you regain your valuable time.

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