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Multisensor security dome camera

Benefits of Multi-sensor Cameras

Article by Steve Noseworthy – Security Systems Specialist

IP Camera systems give you the flexibility to easy expand and add additional cameras to your video surveillance system. Unlike analog camera systems, network cameras do not have to be wired all the way back to the recorder eliminating costly long wire runs. Another advantage of IP cameras is the variety of different cameras and technology to choose from to solve the issues you may be experiencing at your facility.

Multi-sensor cameras are one of the many devices offered by the network camera product line. A multi-sensor camera is a cameras that is equipped with more than one sensor or lens and, depending on the model, can have up to five lens. These cameras can cover large areas by technically only using one camera. Each lens can be programmed to zoom in to give great detail on an important asset or zoomed out to cover a wide area.

These cameras work great on the corners of buildings, giving you the ability to view 220 degrees down each side of the building as well as covering inventory or parking lots in the same area. Inside and outside of loading docks are another example where these cameras can view a complexed area with one camera installation. This give you great customized flexibility to cover what is needed. One last example where these cameras have been used are areas where several hallways meet in one location. Install one multi-lens camera and monitor each hallway. These cameras are fitted out with the following state of the art performances on each lens:

  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)- improves an image by resolving the differences in brightness. In other words, can eliminate the morning or afternoon glare of the sun or dark shadows and produce vivid images.
  • IP Illuminator- Produces clear images in low light areas
  • Analytics- Line crossing, motion detection, Enter/Exit, Loitering, Tampering, etc.

 A major advantage to this, as a price point, is the fact that the camera only needs one cat6 wire to power and stream multiple views. This cuts down installing multiple cameras and wires to get the same view with multi-lens camera. An added bonus is that video surveillance servers only see multi-sensor cameras as one camera as well so only one camera connection license is needed to program into your system.