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Fire Alarm connectivity

New fire alarm system connectivity and self-testing detector technology

 Article by Mark Tomasello – Fire Alarm Sales Manager

Exciting new fire alarm system connectivity and self-testing detector technologies are now available, providing building owners and maintenance personnel with reduced service response times and maintenance costs. Software tools and cloud connectivity of fire alarm systems gives users the ability to receive real time system status and alerts.

CLSS or Connected Life Safety Systems from Notifier by Honeywell, is a collection of fire system monitoring and management solutions accessible using your mobile device. The CLSS platform can be employed to realize efficiency gains at the design, installation, operation and maintenance stages of a fire alarm system’s life cycle. The mobile App provides fire alarm system users:

✓ Fast and easy panel troubleshooting

✓ Detailed device labels reduce unnecessary phone calls

✓ Map view allows for more efficient dispatch

✓ Elimination of unnecessary return visits

✓ Mobile app push notifications, event logs, and details

A new line of self-testing smoke and heat detection available through Notifier Engineered Systems Distributors, is revolutionizing how service providers perform fire alarm testing and inspections. When activated though a Notifier panel, the self-testing detectors automatically and sequentially self-perform a functional test of the device. A fire alarm inspector must still perform a visual inspection of the device but the benefits of not having an inspector access and test detectors in high or hard to reach areas are immediately evident.

Fire alarm system connectivity with Notifier’s CLSS mobile device app and self-testing detector technology make fire alarm system service and maintenance more efficient and economical for building owners and maintenance personnel. Moreover, even greater cost savings can be realized over the entire fire alarm system life cycle when these technologies are integrated into fire alarm system designs.

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