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Why a Residential Security Camera System Is Not Right for Businesses

When a business and homeowner are evaluating security camera systems, their needs are very different. Dealing with the public is very different than a home environment, and depending on the type of business, has very specific and different needs for safe and effective day-to-day operation. Following are key differences between residential and commercial security camera systems, and why a security camera system designed for home use, is not right for a business.

Overall Quality
The overall quality of commercial grade security camera systems is much higher, which corresponds to a higher cost. The higher cost of these systems provides better materials, better parts, greater longevity, improved software, increased connectivity, and greater ease-of-use.

Camera Quality
Cameras designed for residential use typically do not offer an overall high level of quality. You can get higher quality residential camera systems but the cost is typically much greater and there are going to be fewer options as compared to commercial cameras. Commercial security cameras typically are of high camera quality, which results in better image quality, more features, greater reliability, and greater durability. Businesses typically deal with more/different threats and need to be better prepared, so the importance of capturing a high-quality image and the reliance on quality cameras is much greater than residential applications.

Application-Specific Design
Many residential grade security cameras are designed to be general use cameras, with features that are applicable in as many situations as possible. Commercial grade security cameras are typically designed for a specific application, and to function better in specific locations or for a specific purpose to better meet the specific needs of the business.

System Software and Storage
The operating software of a commercial grade security camera system is designed for commercial applications, and is much more robust, more feature-rich, and more user-friendly for business purposes. Storage options are greater, as there is a need to retain recorded video for longer periods and to have the ability to easily retrieve and export recorded video that can legally be presented as evidence.

Remote Access and Network Security
With commercial grade security camera systems, remote access and management of commercial camera systems are easier and more powerful for a greater number of cameras typically needed for a business environment. The ability to protect your network is also typically better on commercial grade security camera systems, with the ability to create user-levels and restrict access.

Security camera systems are becoming more prevalent in the average home and more available to consumers. However, it’s important to understand that, while the low cost of residential grade security camera systems can be very attractive, the needs of a business are vastly different. A commercial grade camera system is much better suited for an investment that is critically important for the safety of personnel and customers, and for those that have a greater need to protect high-value property (physical or intellectual) or for business types that may be at higher risk of being targeted (high-risk employees, higher levels of crime, known high-value possessions, etc.).
Considering the value of what is being protected, the cost of losing life or valuable property could easily exceed the added cost of a purpose-designed commercial grade camera system