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What are Unified Security Systems

Article by Steve Noseworthy

Basic goals of Business Owners and Executives are to drive their companies in the most optimal direction to increase profits and efficiencies. While these tasks may take up most of their daily focus, security is sometimes treated as an afterthought. Instead of taking a reactionary approach to security and safety, businesses should consider being proactive and providing a safe and secure environment for employees and visitors. The most effective and efficient way to accomplish this goal is a unified security system.

So, what exactly is a unified security system? The simple definition is a single platform system that works seamlessly together to achieve common outcomes: Protect business assets, employees, visitors, etc. Many business have older legacy security systems that do don’t “talk” to each other and are highly compartmentalized. In other words, some businesses may have access control, intrusion detection and video surveillance systems but each element does their own jobs independently of the others. Imagine working at a company trying to achieve a common goal and there was no communication between each individual. As you imagine this scenario, I’m sure the inefficiencies of this organization would speak for itself. The same is true for your security systems, The more open lines of communication they have with each other, the smoother and more efficient processed they can establish for achieving a desired secure outcome.

Below are the benefits of unified security systems:

Ease of management

  • Sign into one program and view all your security systems. No more logging into multiple platforms to review the same incident.
  • Instead of upgrading multiple systems independently, update all your systems with a single software download.
  • Train employees how to use just one system.
  • Support and maintenance become simplistic with one point of contact to find the root cause of a possible issue.


  • Cuts down on endless amount of video review to identify a security event, thus boosting overall production in other areas.
  • Automatically link your security systems together. For example, access control and video surveillance work seamlessly to provide real time access events (door force/held open) with associated camera video feeds.
  • Observe and Identify security issues within seconds.
  • Manage and view your systems remotely.

Another great feature about Unified security systems are that they are highly customizable and can equip business with solutions to fit their different needs and wants. Its best to speak to a security integrator today to find what security challenges your business is experiencing and how these systems can give you the peace of mind you’re looking for.

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