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Fire Alarm inspection and repair professionals

Proper Fire Alarm Repair for a Reliable Fire Alarm System

Article by Christian Williams – New Jersey Sales Professional –

It is essential to life safety that you have a dependable fire alarm system in every business. And just like all essential systems (such as HVAC systems, production equipment, plumbing systems, fleets, etc) from time to time, situations may arise when you need a repair.

As tempting as it may be to try and identify the problem or even make the repairs yourself, unless you are a certified fire alarm technician, this is not recommended. Fire safety systems are designed to save people’s lives in the event of a fire, and this is something best left to the fire alarm service experts. These trained technicians understand your fire alarm system components and the the programming of these systems to fix your issues quickly and accurately.

Fire Alarm inspection and repair professionals. Fire alarm repair near me

How often should businesses expect to need fire alarm services

While every situation is different, in most cases this is something that may only occur every few years. Even the most reliable and well installed systems may occasionally need to be repaired or updated. Fire safety systems work 24/7, and that is of course necessary because fire protection is needed around the clock, whether the business is open or closed. They are the first line of defense to protect not only your employees and patrons, but your property and assets as well.

One of the keys to having a dependable fire alarm system, is to have your system inspected and maintained on a yearly basis. This can be the first step in preventing the need for future emergency repairs and can eliminate the majority of false alarms. False alarms and systems not working properly could cause a burden on the fire department and waste resources in the event that an real emergency does exist elsewhere. Dust and other particles often cause problems with smoke detectors, and improper maintenance can lead to damaging your equipment.

 In the event that a problem shall arise, it is important to contact a qualified fire alarm company with the proper knowledge, skill and experience to make the repairs. It is equally important that the technician who performs the repairs is also familiar with common manufacturers. Many professionals will have the most common replacement parts and components on hand so your system can be restored as quickly as possible. This will keep your system in proper working order and give you peace of mind that your business is secure.

The most common types of fire alarm system repairs

  • Smoke/Heat detector replacement
  • Replacement of corroded electrical wire (used in battery free smoke detectors)
  • Replacement of horn & strobes
  • Replacement of speakers & speaker strobes.
  • Detecting and troubleshooting circuits.
  • Fire Alarm Panel Repair

When it comes to the safety of your property and lives, fire alarm repair should not be taken lightly. Even if a “Do It Yourself” quick fix seems like the easiest and most affordable option, there could be other factors or variables that may lead to bigger more costly problems in the future. Always rely on the professionals, to repair your systems and keep your mind at ease. The safety of others is priceless!

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