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The Often-Overlooked Benefits of Commercial Security Systems

Article by Dale Grant- Marketing Specialist

The reasons for protecting your facility with a robust security system are fairly obvious. When the bad guys attempt to get into your business, an alarm goes off, letting the bad guys know that someone is now aware of what they are doing, and that it’s very likely that someone with a badge is going to come along and let them know just what they think about that. On top of that, a video camera has been recording their malfeasance just in case they’d like to deny culpability.

Pretty straightforward, right?

The reality is that a customized security system has many more often-overlooked benefits beyond the obvious intrusion detection and evidence gathering.


Property crimes make up 85% of all crime in the United States. These crimes are more often than not crimes of opportunity rather than meticulously planned heists by the likes of Danny Ocean (Sinatra or Clooney, depending on your age).  The mere presence of a security system is often enough to deter would-be criminals. In fact, a survey conducted by the FBI of convicted burglars found that 60% of respondents stated the presence of a security system would be enough to make them seek out another target.

Insurance Advantages

Installing a commercial security system can have some financial benefits that go above and beyond the value of securing your property. Many insurance companies offer reduced premiums or other discounts for companies that install comprehensive security measures.

Remote Monitoring

Advances in technology have allowed for greater flexibility in not just how you can monitor a facility, but where you can monitor it from. Modern cloud-based security allows for remote monitoring of multiple facilities from an internet-connected device, adding the piece of mind that comes from the ability to effectively and efficiently respond to any suspicious activity.

Employee Safety and Well-Being

Implementing a commercial security system demonstrates a commitment to the safety and well-being of employees. In a recent survey, 23% of workers worldwide have reported experiencing violence or harassment in the workplace, with over 30,000 women reporting sexual assaults on the job. A comprehensive monitoring system not only acts as a deterrent against workplace violence but also can provide key documentation should the need for it arise. The same can be said for workplace accidents, cases of internal theft and the overall mitigation of safety risks.

Operational Insights

Modern security systems can also act as a source of data collection. Whether it is the access control system logging employee and visitor activity or providing additional insight into operational processes through video review.

The benefits of a commercial security system are more than just the ability to monitor and document theft and property damage. It is a commitment to the safety of your facility. Contact Oliver Fire Protection & Security for a FREE Consultation. Our industry professionals will assist in designing the perfect customized comprehensive security solution for your situation.

Dale Grant