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Leadership and Teamwork Driving Oliver Fire Protection & Security

Article by Dale Grant – Marketing Coordinator

When we think of careers in the Fire Protection industry, images of brave firefighters rushing into burning buildings often come to mind. While these courageous men and women are everyday heroes walking among us, there are so many others who have made Fire Protection their mission.

Founded in 1957, Oliver Fire Protection & Security comprises a team of nearly 400 employees with various backgrounds and talents all of which come into play when a new project is undertaken.

Just as a fleet requires ships and captains, our various departments rely on experienced leaders. With a multitude of projects, all ranging from varying degrees of completion and complexity, it is important to have experienced and capable leaders at the helm to ensure everything gets completed on time and on budget. Our leadership team, made up of sales, operational, and project managers look at the big picture, offering guidance, leadership, and practical structure to every project. They are an integral in making sure that Oliver remains the area’s Trusted Partner in Protection.

The National Fire Sprinkler Association recently featured Allison Calder, the head of our Newark Department, in their Introduction to the Fire Sprinkler Industry video series. This series is aimed at providing insight for students interested in exciting careers in the Fire Protection Industry.

In her interview, Allison discussed the importance of organization when working on complex projects. Our leaders meet with their teams regularly to ensure that every aspect of a project is on track to ensure a project comes in on time and within budget.

As the head of our Newark, New Jersey regional headquarters, Allison successfully heads up a team of sales representatives, designers, administrative support staff, technicians, and installers out in the field, with each member playing a crucial role in the completion of a project.

There are 3 concepts that we truly stand out with anyone looking to build a solid career in the Fire Protection Industry:


Our leadership team is comprised of seasoned professionals across sales, service, and operations, each with distinct responsibilities vital to our success. They are not only accountable for staffing and training their departments but also oversee the holistic view of every project under their jurisdiction. Their expertise in developing strategies not only ensures that we meet but exceed all departmental goals, driving our company towards unparalleled excellence.


There is no shortage of challenges that face our leadership team when it comes to projects. As Allison explains in her interview, “This industry can be chaotic. There are deadlines to meet, there is material that sometimes could be backordered, but that doesn’t mean that the project just stops. That’s when I need to lean on my team, and we need to work together to take that project over the finish line”.


Our leadership team is personally responsible for keeping our core customer-focused strategy top of mind in everything we do. Our goal, as laid out by our president, Dave Oliver, is to provide unsurpassed service. It is a practice we are proud to recognize every day. It is the reason we are honored to hold the reputation as the region’s Trusted Partner in Protection for more than 65 years!

Since our inception, Oliver Fire Protection & Security has been on a path of steady growth. We are always looking to add talented members to our leadership team.

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