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Fingerprint scanner lock door security

Fingerprint Access Controls

Article by Dale Grant – Digital Marketing & Media Guru

Multifamily residences present a unique set of circumstances and challenges for building owners. Among those, the most fundamental is “how do I ensure access to staff, the residents and their guests while at the same time keeping unauthorized individuals from accessing the property?”

While traditional keys and access cards are still a popular choice, some property owners have shifted to Fingerprint scanners as a way to provide a keyless entry option.

Fingerprint scanner lock door security

Fingerprint Access, is a type of biometric access control system that matches a tenant’s fingerprint against an image already registered in the building’s security log. Once a match has been ascertained, an electronic or magnetic lock will release the door allowing the authorized user to enter the facility.

The question becomes: “Is fingerprint access secure?”  The answer is yes. Despite what you may have seen in popular movies, fingerprints are nearly impossible to duplicate. They also cannot be lost or stolen like their physical counterparts. Because of this, fingerprint access is used in some of the most secure facilities in the world. 

There are limitations to consider when deciding if fingerprint access control is the best option for you. For instance, this system is not touchless. Given the focus on minimizing touch points since the Global Pandemic, some residents may be put off by a system that is not touchless. In addition, residents or staff members with highly calloused or scared fingers may find their prints unable to be read by the scanner. It is also important to note that putting in a fingerprint access control requires initially recording every tenant’s fingerprint to create a database for the system to access, which in a large, multifamily building can cause some logistical headaches.

While this method is very secure, it may or may not be the best fit for your application. The best option is to sit down with a qualified security specialist from Oliver Fire Protection & Security for a FREE consultation to discuss the specific needs for your facility. Our team will design and install the ideal system for your facility’s needs.