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Oliver’s Safety Culture is Top-Notch

Article by Greg Breyer – Fire Alarm Operations Manager –

Oliver Fire Protection & Security has a proud 65-year history of providing installation, maintenance, and inspection of fire suppression, fire alarm, and security systems.  We are grateful to be in the life safety business and find it rewarding to save lives through our services!  It is imperative to execute our work in a safe fashion, which is why our safety culture is a principle priority of ours.  From the initial employee orientation throughout a team members employ, safety remains a top priority shared by ownership, management, and our entire team.

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Shouldn’t it be an important factor to you, if your partner providing life safety goods and services, values these core principles in their business model?  Since we do, and with it being one of the ways we differentiate ourselves, I would like to share a little about SAFETY within Oliver FPS.

We are currently celebrating again a 1-year accomplishment of NO LOST TIME.  We are a team of 315+ strong, who have not had a reportable or recordable incident in over 365 days preventing any employee being able to report to work.  Oliver Fire Protection & Security ADVOCATES safety, and our team in the office, on the road, and in the field PRACTICE safety!  In addition to our NO LOST TIME milestone, our current Pennsylvania Experience Modification Rating (EMR) stands at 0.865.  This means, compared to similar organizations, we have been independently evaluated and determined to operate at a significantly safer manner then industry standard (which is measured at 1.000). 

Recently, the Oliver FPS team was awarded the prestigious Highwire’s Safest Contractors & Vendors for 2022 as a result of our safe practices in the field.  We not only THINK about safety on the daily, but our team also ACTS safely on the daily!

Safety Gold Award Winner

Our inclusive approach to safety is led by our Safety Committee, which encompasses representatives from the field & office of each department we have.  We have leaders trained in OSHA 30, HAZWOPER, Trench, Confined Spaced, and many other facets that are shared with the team through Job Hazard Analysis (JHA’s), Toolbox Talks, 1:2:1’s and kick off meetings.  Further, the team focuses on near misses and lessons learned, as we embrace our company initiative of pursuing a “Good to Great” culture.  While some examples above demonstrate our successes, we remain vigilant in continued improvement.  We strive to develop relationships with partners who share our values in safety.  We don’t want to Learn about SAFETY by Accident, because we need our team to “Go Home to their Family; They are Expecting YOU there.”

If you have an interest in protecting your team by updating or providing new life safety systems, please let us know.  It will be our pleasure to consult with you, and determine a cost-effective approach, that we WILL execute in a SAFE fashion.