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Embracing Mobile Credentials: The Benefits to Your Facility

Article by Steve Noseworthy- Integrated Security Account Specialist

We live in an era where cell phones are everywhere and are essential in conducting business daily. How many people’s phone numbers can you remember if you needed to make a phone call and did not have your cell phone? Most people would turn around and drive home if they arrived at the office or workspace without their cell phone. The same cannot be said if an individual forgets their access card or fob.  It’s only natural that technological advances would incorporate cell phones in physical security systems. Utilizing mobile credentials can bring convenience, efficiency, and added security as well as cost savings.

Everyone is looking for more convenience when using technology. Turn your home lights and air conditioning on and off with a click of a button on your cell phone? Easily accomplished. Now think about opening a door at your facility with the same ease, pretty slick huh? Think of being a property manager who is informed of an essential repair, and you are a few hours away from your facility. Now you can avoid the hassle of arranging a way for a contractor to gain access to conduct necessary repairs. Simply send an email with a mobile credential for the contractor to gain access to specific doors and the necessary amount of time they need to access the space. No need to collect the credential at the conclusion of the service. When the allotted time expires, the mobile credential is sent back to your virtual pool of credentials.

Now you’re thinking, what about the security risks. Largely, mobile credentials are more secure than your basic access cards or key fob. They leverage the use of advanced encryption technologies that a large percentage of physical credentials do not. Also, most cell phones have an added form of security such as facial recognition, fingerprint or pin code. This adds a built-in secondary security authorization to access your facility.  Traditional credentials are susceptible to theft, loss and unauthorized duplication that may leave your facility at risk.

Lastly, many businesses can benefit from cost savings by deploying mobile credentials. Imagine never having to plan to purchase physical credentials when you get down to the last couple in the box. Or hunting that individual down to collect their credentials at the end of the day. Even the coordination of issuing mobile credentials is as easy as hitting send on an email. Now you can subscribe yearly to the number of credentials your facility will need depending on the number of employees, tenants or students you have. Budgeting for the upkeep of your access system just became much simpler.

Reach out today to explore how upgrading your access system can help your facility be more efficient and secure.

Dale Grant