Upgraded Surveillance System at King of Prussia mall helps return abducted baby

At 5:45 pm on April 1st, an infant boy was abducted from his mother at the King of Prussia Mall.  Three months prior to that horrible event, Oliver upgraded the surveillance system at the mall with an array of Salient NVRs with a dedicated evidence server.

Immediately after the infant abduction was reported, the mall’s security staff was able to provide police with footage from several cameras showing the alleged suspect.  This footage was instrumental in the safe return of the infant to his mother.

Our mission is “Save Lives and Protect Property”.  Its what we do.  The happy ending to this potential tragedy is one example of how we live this mission for our customers.

Now, ask yourself: Is this the kind of dedication I want from my Fire Protection and Security partner?  If you answered, “Yes”, contact us today.

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