Sprinklers Save Lives & Property! A Side-by-Side Burn Demo

The moment a fire ignites, the potential damage inflicted on life and property grows exponentially.

The video link below exhibits the life-saving and property-preserving power of sprinklers.  Just seconds into the fury of fire, the sprinklers release and save the living room, several minutes before the fire company is able to arrive on the scene.  Meanwhile, the second living room without sprinklers, is engulfed in flames and smoke beyond the point of recognition.  The NFSA (National Fire Sprinkler Association) team leading the demonstration, actually had to use the water hose on site to extinguish the fire because the damage was too severe to wait for the fire company.

Needless to say, the action and pure heroism of Firefighters is without a doubt essential, yet the benefit of sprinklers prevents fires from ever growing to such monstrous sizes, minimizing the hazards for everyone involved.

We thank NSFA for this informative demo and we thank you for watching our video.  Please share & inform your loved ones and neighbors – Sprinklers Save!