Side by Side Burn Video Captures Oliver’s Sprinklers in Action!

From 2001 to 2007, Oliver Fire Protection & Security installed 26,539 sprinklers at the University of Pennsylvania.   Every dorm room on campus is equipped with this life saving & property protecting technology.  In this video, you will see two small scale dorms exposed to a fire hazard.  The room without the sprinkler surrenders to the flame and is left in a devastating ruin before the fire company can arrive on the scene.  Meanwhile, the dorm with the sprinkler, activated within 30 seconds and extinguished the fire under one minute, leaving the room with hardly any trace of damage.  According to this video, fire departments in the U.S. responded to an estimated 3,970 fires in student housing amounting to $15 million in property damage.  86% of these fires were traced back to cooking equipment.  Lastly, 58% of fatal campus fires either had a tampered smoke alarm or were missing it entirely.  All of the fatal campus fires were without a fire sprinkler.

Lives will be saved with sprinkler technology.  See the outstanding results in this video!

We thank the University of Pennsylvania for their partnership and dedication to providing their students and faculty with fire safety technology and protection.