Oliver Partners with PlateSmart and Genetec AutoVu for Advanced License Plate Recognition!

Oliver is excited to announce two recent partnerships that offer advanced license plate recognition in order to expand the boundaries of your security system! With PlateSmart, you can turn any conventional surveillance camera into an analytical Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) camera. Receive detailed, accurate reports in real-time at an affordable price!  Fixed cameras provide intelligent, detailed information whereas the mobile technology assists in pulling more data together for further investigations.  You’ll be provided with full-color, state jurisdiction, and make of vehicle in addition to advanced search and reporting capabilities with local, state, and federal agencies.  PlateSmart collects all ALPR data into its secure Cloud, eliminating your need to deal with IT knowledge or expensive costs.  Follow the link below to learn more about the reliability and security you will be assured with when using PlateSmart!  http://www.platesmart.com/

With Genetec AutoVu License Plate Recognition, vehicles are detected and a short video will be uploaded into the Cloud-based engine in order to compare license plate information with vehicle lists to document arrival and departure, open gates, or trigger an alert.  Standard IP video surveillance cameras can be enhanced with ALPR capabilities instead of requiring a specialized license plate recognition unit.  Highest accuracy reads are provided through a Fuzzy Matching ability, recognizing and comparing information from your current list with other probable license plates to ensure a correct match. You will have control over who can access your license plate data with an available feature that allows you to share your data with selected partners in order to increase observation and security.

Learn more about Genetec AutoVu and how you can increase your security & safety with this innovative technology by following the link to their website!  http://www.genetec.com/solutions/all-products/autovu