No Price Tag on a Life!

Shane Ray, president of the National Fire Sprinkler Association, shakes his head in dismay as he explains that twenty-four states in our country have prohibited the requirement of including fire sprinkler systems to be installed during the construction of new homes.  The argument for not including a fire sprinkler system focuses on the cost of the equipment and install, as it would naturally raise the price of a new home.  Unfortunately, 2500 people die in home fires in our country each year.   What is especially devastating about this fact is that many of these deaths could have been prevented with the help of a fire sprinkler system.

It typically takes between six to ten minutes until a fire truck and team arrives on the scene.  With a sprinkler system installed, your family is given extra time to get out safely before irreparable damage occurs.  Let me ask you, is it honestly worth it to risk your life or your loved ones by not installing a sprinkler system in your home?   Anyone who has lost their family to a fire will tell you they believe their family or friends would have been saved had there been a sprinkler system installed.  As someone with personal experience, Sher Grogg expresses in this video, “you can replace belongings, but you cannot replace a life.”

Please give Oliver a call today to learn more about how to prevent the loss of lives and property to the destruction of fires.  Thank you!