Nitrogen Corrosion Inhibiting System from South Tek drastically extends sprinkler pipe lifecycle

Oliver is a proud installer of the N2 Blast and DeOx nitrogen corrosion inhibiting system from South Tek.  In essence, what these systems do, is replace the oxygen that is in the sprinkler piping system with nitrogen.  In dry and preaction sprinkler systems, the N2 Blast replaces the typical air compressor for the system.  For wet sprinkler systems, the DeOx system vents out trapped air pockets and replaces them with nitrogen.

The mechanism where sprinkler pipes corrode is called MIC (Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion), i.e., the pipe corrodes from the inside-out and trapped bacteria accelerate the corrosion.  This corrosion can cause the pipes to become obstructed so that they don’t flow properly or can cause pin hole leaks.  In either case, the repairs are costly.

By removing the oxygen from the piping network, the bacteria’s ability to participate in the corrosion process is restricted.  In a recent research paper, it was found that the lifecycle for a dry system sprinkler pipe using compressed air was about 7 years.  Using the N2 blast system increased that life to 92 years.

Please contact an Oliver representative on how this system can be retrofitted on your existing sprinkler systems.  610-277-1331.

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