General Air Products has new “quiet” air compressor for dry sprinkler systems

Oliver is pleased to announce that General Air Products has released a new dry sprinkler air compressor that is significantly quieter than current models on the market.  This new compressor is called the “Q” series.  It is an excellent choice for applications in any location where the sound of the compressor running is disturbing to building occupants.  This new compressor runs at about 60 dB which is less than the sound level of a normal conversation.  By comparison, a standard compressor runs at about 80 dB which is 5 dB more than a typical vacuum cleaner.  FYI, every 3 dB increase is a doubling of the sound level, so a 20 dB difference is a very noticeable difference.  This quieter compressor is great for retro-fit applications in nursing homes, hospitals, or apartment buildings where unwanted sound can lead to customer complaints.

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