Ensuring A Safe & Healthy Workplace

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | October 5th, 2020

Technology can play an important role in securing your business or facility against COVID-19. As an essential services provider, Oliver Fire Protection & Security can provide you the security and life safety solutions to ensure that these facilities and the women and men working in them on a daily basis are safe and secure.

Oliver Fire Protection & Security has become a leading distributor of the technology to secure your business, facility, employees and customers. We have the expertise and experience in recommending and installing the latest technology to aid with the screening process of every person upon entering your business or facility. The technology is, but not limited to:

Thermal Imaging Cameras: One of the first lines of defense for safeguarding your workplace, this technology has the ability to identify individuals who pose a risk for your business and personnel. With the focus area of the screening process being the inner part of the eye, thermal imaging cameras can detect an individual with an elevated temperature reading, and will then alert the need for a secondary screening.

Contact Tracing: These systems enable organizations to determine potential exposures and quickly react to minimize the spread of the virus by recording movement within the facility and monitoring interactions and encounters with other people. Contact Tracing will identify who was in proximity to the infected person, location of the contact or interaction to within seconds, and duration of the interaction.

Access Control: Access Control systems can be modified or configured to restrict access, ensure users go through screening checkpoints, conduct self-screening, identify users who may have been exposed to a COVID-positive individual, and more. Personnel control, mobile self-screening, visitor management and user contact reporting are just some of the benefits of Access Control systems.

Video Analytics: Video Analytics allow organizations to effectively manage policies that adhere to guidelines put in place in regards to occupancy levels. The major benefits include monitoring the number of people in a store or business area, the ability to receive alerts when occupancy limits are being reached, and automatically manage traffic flow and volume to meet operational requirements.

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