Reopening Your Business with Safety in Mind

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Creating a safe environment is at the top of everyone’s mind as we prepare to re-open and re-occupy facilities in a post-pandemic new normal. What measures can be taken to protect those going back to work? To that end, Oliver Fire Protection & Security has been researching new products and technology to help ensure the safety and security of everyone who enters your business or facility. Whether it’s Thermal Elevated Skin Temperature screening, occupancy control, facial recognition, touchless access control, or Contact Tracing, Oliver has the experience and expertise in recommending the latest technology to keep your employees, customers, visitors, and vendors safe.

Thermal Imaging Cameras are the first line of defense against the spreading of the COVID-19 virus, as this technology is able to scan for Elevated Skin Temperature readings of every individual entering your facility and who may pose a risk to your business and personnel. For a quick synopsis of this technology, click here.

Video Analytics, including cameras with Artificial Intelligence, is one of the fastest growing technologies developing solutions geared towards today’s new standards, especially when it comes to safely returning to work. Protective Face Mask Detection automatically detects the presence or absence of a mandatory face mask as people enter your facility, and provides alerts based on established procedures, which may include locking doors, sounding audio alerts, activating lights, providing desktop notices, or other customized actions.

Video Analytics can also help businesses and organizations Manage Occupancy Levels to help ensure compliance with regulations by continuously monitoring building and room occupancy levels, and generating alerts so you can take action when thresholds are reached.

Existing systems, such as Access Control, can be extremely beneficial to organizations seeking to use technology already in place to better protect employees, visitors, and the broader community. There are many ways existing Access Control systems can be configured or modified, such as Personnel Control, Mobile Self-Screening, Visitor Management Enhancements, Contact Reporting, and more, to help individuals adhere to your organization’s Coronavirus policies.

We understand there are many questions. There is no “one size fits all” solution, so let’s have a conversation to discuss not only your business’s specific needs and how Oliver Fire Protection & Security can assist you, but also how implementing this technology could save you thousands of dollars under the 2020 Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act or “CARES Act”.

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