1Feb, 2016

Oliver Fire Protection & Security is now a Victaulic Vortex Distributor

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Oliver is now a distributor of the Vortex hybrid Nitrogen-Water fire suppression system Victaulic has developed.  This suppression system provides excellent suppression with nearly zero wetting of protected areas with lower cost cleanup.  The suppressant (water and nitrogen) are inherently “green” being safe for the environment and personnel.  It is quick, easy, and cost effective to recharge the system after discharge.  Finally, you do not have to maintain room integrity for the system to be effective. For more information, click here.

25Jan, 2016

Oliver is an FST Biometrics Dealer

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Have you ever forgotten your wallet or purse and had trouble getting into your office or apartment building because your ID wasn’t with you? As a dealer for FST Biometrics, Oliver has your solution.  This system allows YOUR FACE to be your ID to allow you into the building.  As you approach the camera at the protected door, the system processes your image and grants you access while you maintain your normal walking pace.  To learn more: FST Dremehahtaten .

18Jan, 2016

Oliver is now a Genetec Certified Channel Partner

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Oliver Fire Protection & Security has added Genetec’s Unified Security Platform to its product offering. Genetec’s Security Center is the unified security platform that seamlessly blends IP security systems within a single intuitive interface to simplify customers’ operations. For more information go to: Genetec.   domain technical data . Resstabjackpresam

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